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Our community is located in Hockley, Texas on the south side of State Highway 290, approximately a few miles west of Grand Parkway 99. 
The community is surrounded around acres and acres of Lakes with waterfront homes, the community is tucked away from commercial development. The community is about thirty fifteen (15) minutes from Houston as well as 5 major grocery stores Krogers, Super Wal-Mart, Sams Club, HEB and Premium Outlets, a major shopping center all within minutes of your home and major employment centers.
The Stone Creek Ranch Community Association, Inc. is to protect the investment and enhance the value of the property owned by each individual member.  This is done by providing for the physical maintenance and operation of the common areas. The Association also enforces deed restrictions, architectural standards, and sets up a communication system among the members.
Amenities include:
  • Community Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Walking Trail Around the Lake (coming soon)
  • Playground
The community is a deed restricted community managed by the Developer and Administrative services are provided by Sterling Association Services, Inc.  If you have ideas or suggestions to make this site better, please contact Becky Salinas, Association Manager at bsalinas@sterlingasi.com or click here for additional contact information.
Our mission is to help preserve, strengthen, and enrich the quality of life for all homeowners in Stone Creek Ranch through:

• Beautification - creating beauty in our environment for our own enjoyment as well as to protect and enhance the financial investment in our properties.

• Community Awareness - keeping abreast of the news that affects our neighborhood.

• Partnership - working with the County and other community groups on issues facing our neighborhood.

• Safety/Crime Awareness - being vigilant in our neighborhood, and staying informed about activities and threats that could affect our safety.
Recycling Service
Posted on Feb 6th, 2018

Added 09/06/2018




Service Days (Trash) – Wednesday & Saturday

Service days (Heavy Trash) - Saturday

Service Days (Recycle) – Saturday (see attached guidelines)

Service Hours - No earlier than 7:00am and no later than 6:00pm

WCA Customer Service (missed pick-up) – 281-368-8397


Holiday Schedule - WCA observes the following holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, and New Year’s Day. Holiday service is provided on the next scheduled service day.




Brush and tree trimmings, cut in lengths not to exceed 3 feet, no greater than 3 inches in diameter, securely tied in bundles, not to exceed 40-lbs, will be picked-up from the curb.


REGULAR HOUSEHOLD TRASH - The following items and materials will not be accepted


Dead Animals

Ammunition or Explosives


Chemicals not in original containers

Chemical containers over five (5) gallons


Nuclear/radioactive waste

Fluorescent Light bulbs Unidentified Chemicals






Medical Waste

Propane Tanks


Flammable Chemicals

Pool Chemicals






Power Steering Fluid Transmission Fluid


Used Oil Filters


Heavy Trash - The following items and materials will be accepted

-Household Appliances (Refrigerators must have Freon drained and tagged accordingly by certified technician)

-Hot Water Heaters-must be drained


-Grills must be emptied of ash or briquettes. No propane tanks.


Unaccepted Items

Dirt in large quantities

Wood                                                      Stone

Masonry debris                                     Carpet

Roofing material                                    Nails

Lawn mowers                                         Tree trunks

Sheetrock or drywall                             Pool filters

Paneling                                                  Water softeners

Windows                                                 Tile





Notification of Addition of Recycling Service

            In response to requests received from residents at the 2016 Annual meeting of the Stone Creek Ranch Community Association, Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 434 is adding residential recycling service to its contract with the garbage collection company for Stone Creek Ranch, Waste Corporation of Texas, LP (“WCA”).

WCA will deliver a 65 gallon wheeled recycling cart to each resident between January 9th and January 11th, and recycling collection will begin on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

            Please note that there will be no changes to the garbage collection service in connection with this addition of recycling service.  Enclosed is information from WCA regarding the new recycling collection service as well as reminders relative to guidelines and procedure for garbage collection.  Should you have any questions regarding garbage and/or recycling service, please contact WCA directly at (281) 368-8397.

Stone Creek Ranch - Lawn Service & Lake Fountain
Posted on Aug 14th, 2017
Good Afternoon Residents,

We would like to update you on a few concerns & issues within the community.

1. The lake company has informed us the front fountain light has been pulled for repairs and will keep us updated on when the light will be replaced.

2. The lake company will monitor the nutria to determine any damage and we will seek someone to provide a trap to catch them as well.

3. We have informed the landscape company in regards to the ongoing dead/tall and unmaintained grass in common areas which has not been mowed in almost three weeks. They have been asked to mow the common areas as soon as possible.  

Thank you.
Annual Meeting Updates
Posted on Jul 28th, 2017
A Few Items Being Addressed from the Meeting:
Dear Residents
I wanted to provide you and update and ask that you share this with the community via the SCR Facebook page.
  • I am working with MUD434 regarding recycling service with our current trash company.  I believe the current cost is $12.50 per home.  They have asked for an increase of $7.00 per home plus $3.75 per home for recycling.   I don't believe there should be a an increase when there are more homes paying.  I understand the up charge for recycling.
  • I have asked Becky to get costs on putting benches in around the lake.
  • I have communicated, and met on site, with David (the owner of AllStar Landscaping)  He is working on irrigating and repairing the dead grass issue be the cluster boxes.I have also asked him to find a "pet friendly" snake poison.
  • I have asked the pool company to spray a "duck be gone" type spray that I found at WalMart.  Hopefully this will help discourage future egg laying.
  • I have asked Becky to post our A-1 Pool contract and AllStar Landscaping Contract on company website that also provides the breakdown of services and timing of those services (i.e. color change, mulch, pool cleaning, etc.)
  • I am also working with MUD434 and Becky regarding the cost of Constable/Sheriff to make regular patrols through SCR.  I would suggest that the residents also pressure the Constable's Office regarding this service that your taxes are paying for each year.
Please also ask any interested parties that would like to participate in the COA Board to forward me brief resume of pertinent skills.  I will be included 2 people in an advisory roll from SCR.
Please let me know if I have missed anything or if there are other concerns. 
Cary Dunham
Becker Rd. LP
Report Suspicious Persons/Activities
Posted on Jul 7th, 2015

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