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Annual Meeting Updates
Posted on Jul 28th, 2017

A Few Items Being Addressed from the Meeting:
Dear Residents
I wanted to provide you and update and ask that you share this with the community via the SCR Facebook page.
  • I am working with MUD434 regarding recycling service with our current trash company.  I believe the current cost is $12.50 per home.  They have asked for an increase of $7.00 per home plus $3.75 per home for recycling.   I don't believe there should be a an increase when there are more homes paying.  I understand the up charge for recycling.
  • I have asked Becky to get costs on putting benches in around the lake.
  • I have communicated, and met on site, with David (the owner of AllStar Landscaping)  He is working on irrigating and repairing the dead grass issue be the cluster boxes.I have also asked him to find a "pet friendly" snake poison.
  • I have asked the pool company to spray a "duck be gone" type spray that I found at WalMart.  Hopefully this will help discourage future egg laying.
  • I have asked Becky to post our A-1 Pool contract and AllStar Landscaping Contract on company website that also provides the breakdown of services and timing of those services (i.e. color change, mulch, pool cleaning, etc.)
  • I am also working with MUD434 and Becky regarding the cost of Constable/Sheriff to make regular patrols through SCR.  I would suggest that the residents also pressure the Constable's Office regarding this service that your taxes are paying for each year.
Please also ask any interested parties that would like to participate in the COA Board to forward me brief resume of pertinent skills.  I will be included 2 people in an advisory roll from SCR.
Please let me know if I have missed anything or if there are other concerns. 
Cary Dunham
Becker Rd. LP
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